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In recent years, thanks to the efforts of the government and the people, the cooperation in culture, education and tourism between Taiwan and the Czech Republic has been deepened. With the increasing number of Taiwanese people living in the Czech Republic has increased, and Czech society's growing interest in Taiwan, Czech Taiwanese Association was established in June 2019 with the full support and assistance from Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Czech Republic. 

Czech Taiwanese Association is a non-profit organization, aiming to provide mutual assistance between Taiwanese individuals and families in the Czech Republic, and to further build up the connections among Taiwanese. In addition, the association gathered the government resources to build the first Mandarin school in the Czech Republic,  helping Taiwanese children and foreigners to improve the language proficiency. Cultural events organized by the association also strengthens Taiwan's cultural identity, and provides the positive image and reputation of democratic and free Taiwan in the Czech Republic.

We welcome all Taiwanese people living in the Czech Republic and those who love Taiwan to join us. Let's explore the beauty of Taiwan and learn Mandarin together!

Česko-Tchaj-wanská společnost je první asociace tchaj-wanské komunity v České republic.

Podporujeme tchaj-wanskou komunitu žíjící v ČR a zajistit lepší kulturní výměnu mezi oběma zeměmi.

Czech Taiwanese Association is the first association for Taiwanese community in the Czech Republic.

We are here to support Taiwanese community better and deepen the cultural interaction with Czech society.

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