Image by Red Morley Hewitt


The annual Lunar New Year is coming. It's an important festival that billions of people celebrate it.

This year in Prague there is something new and special going on!

On Janurary 25th (Saturday) the first day of the lunar new year, you have one more option – Authentic Chinese New Year experiences, organized by Czech Taiwanese Association and Czech Taiwanese Business Association. To enhance the festive spirit, Hoja Pot 喝呷霸  restaurant will be decorated as the virtual reality of the lunar new year scenes with 4 stages, and 4 family-friendly games related to “expel the monster Nian“. The activity is a cultural education for continuing the heritage of the Huaxia new year tradition and also a great opportunity for Czech friends/family to experience the lunar new year together. Family-friendly buffet dinner will be provided on site.

The activity has been planned for two months by five Taiwanese youths in the Czech Republic . They will use both Mandarin/English dual-track filled with Taiwanese accent to tell the backgrounds and stories of lunar new year. Welcome everyone to bring along the old and the young to join us!. Traditional toys such as Jianzi and Diabolo will be provided in the garden.


Activity including:

Non-alcoholic drinks, Buffet dinner.

“Nian“ game package, 4 interactive game stages, making 3 traditional handicrafts for chasing the monster “Nian“ away and  lantern crafts. Game masters will tell the stories and explain the share meanings and origins of each item. After completing all 4 stages and collecting all the stamps, one can receive a gift from the game master.


Time: 2020 Janurary 25th (Saturday), 16:00 to 20:00 (games will be finished by 18:00)

Place: Hoja Pot 喝呷霸,Šrobárova 9, 120 00 Praha, Czech Republic


Price for member    FREE

Price for non-member   Adult 300 CZK,  Child 150 CZK  ( adult ticket includes a lottery ticket)


2 flight tickets around Europe will be provided by Letuš, for the biggest lottery draw of the evening


Special notice: Although for non-profit purposes, not all the activities are for free. It is expected to charge a reasonable fee to maintain the sustainable operation of the organization. Profit is not the goal of the operation. If there is a surplus, it will be used to expand the organization or other services. The principle is not to distribute the surplus.





Have fun with us!