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Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 The name of the Association is "Czech Taiwan Association" (hereinafter referred to as the Association).

          本會英文譯名為“Czech Taiwanese Association”

          本會捷文譯名for "Česko-Tchaj-wanská společnost, zs"

Article 2 The Association is a social organization formed by Taiwanese residing in the Czech Republic or individuals who identify with Taiwan. It is a social organization established in accordance with the People's Organization Law of the Republic of China and is not for profit.

Article 3 Purpose of the Association

  1. To promote contact and exchange, mutual assistance and information flow among Taiwanese individuals and families residing in various parts of the Czech Republic, and gather resources to facilitate Chinese learning.

  2. In order to promote folk culture exchanges between the Republic of China and the Czech Republic, the introduction of traditional Chinese teachers, enhance the international reputation, and promote the good image of the democratic regime.

Chapter 2 Membership

Article 4

  1. Regular members of the Association are individual members. Anyone who agrees with the purpose of the Association, has the right of permanent residence in the Czech Republic, is over 20 years old, and has the capacity to act, fills out the membership application form and pays the membership fee to become a formal member.

  2. The probationary members of the association are individual members. Those who agree with the purpose of the association, have the right of temporary residence in the Czech Republic, have reached the age of 20, and have the capacity to act, fill out the application form for membership, and pay the membership fee to become a probationary member.

The fifth

  1. Members (or probationary members) have the obligation to abide by the articles of association, attend (attend) meetings, and pay membership dues. If they fail to attend (attend) meetings for three consecutive times, they may be removed by the resolution of the general meeting of members.

  2. Meeting matters shall be attended by one-half of the official members, and the resolution shall take effect only with the consent of one-half of the attending members.

  3. Probationary members, during the meeting, only have the right to attend the meeting to provide opinions, but have no voting rights.


Chapter III Organization and Authority

Article 6  

  1. The Association takes the official general assembly as the highest authority, and elects the president during the general assembly. The president is elected for four years and can be re-elected twice.

  2. The president represents the association externally, manages the affairs of the association internally, and is the ex officio chairman of the general assembly.

  3. The Association may set up a secretary and a treasurer to assist the president in promoting conference affairs, organizing activities and financial planning. The above positions are selected or dismissed by the president and are responsible to the president.

  4. There is a Czech Taiwan Traditional Chinese School under the association, and its articles of association, rights and obligations are stipulated separately.

Chapter 4 Venue

Article 7  The meeting place of this association is temporarily set up in the president's communication office, and the change of the meeting place in the future shall be decided by the general meeting of members.

Chapter V Funding and Accounting

Article 8  The sources of funds for this association are as follows

  1. Membership fee: when formal members join the club, they should pay 300 Czech crowns at a time. Probationary members pay half of the payment.

  2. Annual membership fee: 600 CZK per year for regular members. Prospective members will be halved. (Members who serve as president, secretary, finance, etc., their annual membership fees will be halved)

  3. The Association may accept donations or subsidies from members and the outside world to fund the Association's affairs.

Article 9 The fiscal year of the Association is from January 1st to December 31st of each year. During the general meeting, the chairman shall report the income and expenditure of the previous year to the general meeting.

Article 10 The date of payment of membership dues is December 1st of each year. Those who fail to pay after two reminders three months after the due date are deemed to have automatically given up their membership. Membership will be resumed only after the supplementary payment is approved by the general assembly.

Article 11 After the association is dissolved, the remaining property shall belong to the local self-government organization or the organization designated by the competent authority.

Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions

Article 12 The working rules of the association shall be determined by the general meeting of members.

Article 13 The Articles of Association shall be implemented after being approved by the membership meeting and reported to the competent authority for approval, and the same shall apply when it is changed.

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